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Matt Appleby – Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach

Matt Appleby teaches Yoga, efficient breathing (pranayama), relaxation, mindfulness and meditation across Yorkshire. These are delivered as public and corporate classes, workshops and private tuition. 
Matt came to Yoga ten years ago, transforming his life as his practise and knowledge developed. Coming from a background in the stressful world of corporate IT, it helped him recover from poor physical and mental health and burn out.
He now offers wellbeing workshops to forward thinking organisations committed to investing in their workforce's wellbeing. These look at health from a holistic  perspective, encouraging proactive wellbeing. They include coaching of accessible  practises to integrate into your daily routine, promoting vibrant health and balance.

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Matthew Firth - Usui Reiki Master

Matty has been working as a Reiki Master for over three years, after being introduced to Reiki by his then massage therapist. Having benefitted from Reiki therapy, Matty decided to persue the discipline further and before long was initiated as a Reiki Master.

Reiki healing is a non-invasive technique of transferring universal life energy through the practitioner and into the client. Working with the core chakras to rebalance, restore and create harmony within the body and mind - creating a true sense of mindfulness and relaxation within the clients lives.

If this sounds like something you may benefit from, please get touch with Matty for a confidential chat.

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