Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Do I need massage and how often?

There are many reasons to receive massage; most people use this therapy as a form of relaxation, but more often to tackle muscular aches and tension. Massage can be used to treat a range of other issues including; stress, depression, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue, to name just a few. Most clients have monthly massage treatments, but this is dependent on individual needs. If you have health concerns as to whether you should receive massage, contact the Therapist or your GP.

What should I do before my massage?

Prior to your massage treatment you should ensure that you are clean and showered. Also, try not to eat prior to your massage, if you do need to eat, keep it light. Also, ensure you have been to the toilet. Should you need the toilet during your massage, just let your therapist know - don't hold it!

What should I expect at my massage?

Your massage will last either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the treatment chosen. You will have an initial informal chat with your therapist to take a case history and negotiate the massage required. Try to be honest with your therapist regarding any health issues you may have, as these may contraindicate treatment. All clients and treatments are treated with strict confidentiality.

Following this, you will be given water, time to undress privately and get comfortable on the therapy table. If you have any mobility issues getting on/off the therapy table, please let your therapist know so they can assist. Music may be played to aid relaxation and help the massage flow. If you prefer not to have music, simply tell your therapist.

What should I wear during my massage?

Ideally nothing, as this will be more comfortable during your massage. Also, it makes it easier for the therapist to work. However, if you prefer to keep underwear on this is not a problem; brief or jockey style with lycra are the best. Any loose fitting jewelry such as watches and chains should be removed, these can be put safe with your clothes. The therapist will use towels to drape during the massage, protecting modesty. If you have any concerns, speak to your therapist. 

What happens during the massage?

This is YOUR time and during the massage you are invited to relax as much as possible - your therapist can guide you with this if you have trouble, using breathing techniques and gentle rocking motions on the body. Your therapist will keep discussion to a minimum, in order for you to fully relax, but will check in with you occasionally particularly around techniques, pressure and if you are warm and comfortable enough.

What if I become aroused during the massage?

Firstly, do not worry about this, it probably won't happen. Your therapist is a professional and will not be shocked nor offended if this does happen. If you have any concerns, speak to your therapist.

What if I am uncomfortable or do not like something?

Your therapist will always check in with you, but if you feel uncomfortable i.e. neck position or cold, do tell your therapist. Equally, if a technique being used is not to your liking, simply say so and the therapist will adjust.

What happens after the massage?

Following your treatment, your therapist will gently 'close' the massage and give you time for your mind and body to re-awaken. It is normal to feel a bit 'spaced out' after massage and/or a little 'full' in the head; a bit like congestion. This is simply due to toxins and lymph being moved around during treatment and it will pass.

Your therapist will offer you water and provide any necessary aftercare advice. You may be invited to arrange a follow-up massage, but obviously at your discretion. If you have any concerns following your massage, do not hesitate to contact your therapist.