Indulge M120


An indulgent 2 hour complete relaxation massage using warm oils to soothe and nourish both body and mind.

Allow yourself to drift while your therapist takes time to slowly work tired muscles and help your body to completely relax. Soothing music and warm oil in comfortable surroundings will help you to switch off from the world and let yourself go...

The first half of the treatment will focus on the posterior (back) of the body and then a short 5min rest with your body covered, allowing you to absorb the treatment - nodding off is encouraged. After carefully turning over, the second half of the treatment will focus on the anterior (front) of the body.

Stretching techniques may be employed as part of this treatment, but please discuss this with your therapist first.

NB: this treatment is not available on mobile service - in call only.

Go on, indulge yourself...

Richard @mankindmassage

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